Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions must be read carefully by tourists who want to take the service with us, and the acceptance may not carry any further claim on any subject detailed below:

1. The Company
VERTIGO BIKING CO. is an adventure company based in Bolivia and operates under the licence of HONEY TOURS & TRAVEL - Tour Operator, accomplishing all legal requirements for a Tour Operator in Bolivia.

2. The Ride and Services
The tour with VERTIGO BIKING CO. is done with our own bicycles and equipment, with professional and bilingual guides, with high quality service.

The Ride is subject to the following:
a) We leave any day with at least 3 people.
b) We accept only 22 people per trip/day.
c) We provide 1 Guide for every 6 passengers and a support bus for every 7/8 people.
d) We have departures throughout the year (In the rainy season we add some other security procedures).
e) The return to La Paz may vary due to circumstances beyond our control such as: the speed of our clients in the descent, natural disasters, discrepancies or changes in traffic.
f) The schedule presented by the company is subject to change without prior notice; we reserve the right to make reasonable changes for the comfort and safety of our customers.

3. Price
The price for the ride will be agreed in our office or in our web site according to the season.
This price might change without prior notice.

4. Bookings
There are 3 ways to book with us:
a) In our e-form on our website (www.vertigobiking.com)
b) Through authorized agencies in Bolivia or abroad.
c) In our own office.
d) Through our social networks Facebook, Instagram and direct contact by WhatsApp.

Please complete or truly answer all the requested information, we are not responsible for any incorrect or false information, we take everything you say or complete as true.
Reservations can be made at any time before the trip and will be canceled if payment (at least 50% deposit) is not made 24 hours before the trip through our available payment methods.
If you do not receive any notification on your main date and you have made the payment, please go to the pickup location on the chosen date with your confirmation code, voucher or receipt.
The company does not guarantee a client places available on the chosen dates, unless they receive an official communication and their payment is made, our web system registers in real time but it needs to be confirmed by e-mail or WhatsApp message. During non-working hours you can call us on our mobile phones 24 Hrs, so always register through a web-based method or at our authorized registration agency.

5. Payment
Payment must be made done at least 1 day before the trip and in one of the following methods:
a) By credit card on our website.
b) In cash at any of our authorized payment agencies.
c) In cash or by credit or debit card at our office, we accept Bolivianos and US dollars, the exchange rates are shown at the office.

With your payment at any authorized payment agency you must obtain a receipt that must indicate the name of the establishment.
We do not accept traveler's checks in any case.
Make sure you follow the instructions carefully, we are not responsible in any way if you don't.
There is no extra charge for any of the equipment, in our package it is all included. (Except entrance ticket to the park, Drinks at the Hotel and in Private Shops).
We strongly recommend full payment 24 hours before the trip.

6. Risks, Health and Insurance
The trip will be carried out at acceptable levels of risk management, but it is NOT 100% risk free, so it is very important that you fill out the form in all related and requested topics.
If you are undergoing medical treatment, have a medical condition or will be taking medication, please consult your physician regarding the advisability of participating in a guided mountain bike tour. If you are not advised to do so, inform the company about your health situation. This special condition does not make the company responsible under any circumstances for your treatment or personal health during and after the trip.

Make sure you have Health or Accident Insurance coverage for Extreme Sports (Mountain Bike Included) please indicate all the information related to it in our office.
For security reasons, we do not accept any cyclist weighing more than 100 kg. or 2 meters tall.
If an accident occurs on the trip, we will help you in everything necessary, but we will not assume any responsibility for payment of medical service, ambulance or any other assistance from third parties and if our transport is used to evacuate you to La Paz, there is a charge of USD 50 and you will get a receipt for it so you can claim this amount from your insurance company.
We'll make the trip even if you don't have insurance, but you take full responsibility if something happens.

The company is not responsible for any accident or death during the trip and will not be responsible for any payment.

7. Customer Cancellations, changes of date and Refund policies
A customer can cancel the trip at any time and there will be no charge if it is 48 hours before the trip, the price will be refunded 50% if it is canceled between 48 and 24 hours before the trip, and there will be NO refund if it is less 24 hours, in any case.

NO SHOW is considered a cancellation and there will be NO REFUND for any reason!

8. Company Cancellations
Our company reserves the right to postpone or cancel any trip before departure for any reason, including lack of people to meet the minimum of 3 people, places not available or logistical problems that may impede the operations of the trip such as road closures, disasters. acts of nature, acts of God, civil wars, social or political disturbances, epidemics, government acts, acts of terrorism, diseases, quarantines and any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

The company is not responsible for mental or physical injuries, damages, delays, illnesses, anguish, etc. suffered by customers as a result of the circumstances detailed in the last paragraph. In all the cases mentioned above, the company can suggest to the clients new departure dates within and/or outside their date range. If the client refuses, the full amount paid through reservation or single payment will be refunded, minus transfer fees and taxes, if unavoidable.

9. Ride Date Changes
If you change the date of your confirmed trip, please inform us within 48 hours. by email or WhatsApp, if the time is less than 48 hours, we will charge you USD 30 (thirty 00/100 US dollars) to be collected from the office BEFORE your departure.

If the company changes the reserved dates, we will inform you in the same means of communication and you can be reimbursed based on the terms on the subject.

10. Special Recommendations
If you wish to participate in a ride, it is compulsory that you have learnt to ride a bicycle with confidence before the tour.
Please, remember that La Paz city is at an elevation of 11800 feet/3596 meters above sea level and that you require some days (interval time varies according to every person) to get acclimatized to high lands. The company can not be held responsible for costumers unable to finish a trip due to improper acclimatization.
This is an adventure bike tour (NOT A RACE), so please be careful during the ride and follow all safety instructions to skip most of the risks for you and for the other participants, please Don’t ask for Speed increasing, since we will try to keep a safe pace for most of the riders.
If you don’t follow the rules or you expose you or others to an unsafely tour the Guide can cancel part or the total of the ride as a penalty and you cannot make any complaint on this and under this circumstance NO REFUND will be done.
Vertigo Biking reserves the right for our guides to refuse the participant rider to ride all or part of the tour if the rider shows himself or herself under influence of alcohol or drugs.
Alcohol breath testers are brought eventually to our trips and if you are over 0.05% (Legal limit for driving in Bolivia) be sure that you won’t be on the bike and under this circumstance NO REFUND will be done and you may change the ride date, accomplishing what established in this agreement.

11. ON ROAD Guidance - Assistance
Vertigo Biking Guides are trained to manage the risks involved in this tour to an acceptable level, they are also trained in first aid, but they are not qualified nurses or doctors, so the attention we will provide you is limited to first aid, the medical supplies carried are also limited to this and some pills we bring with us will be offered to you if necessary but you should choose to take them under your own risk.

12. Waiver and Release of responsibility
By accepting this agreement you subscribe also the next:
The risk of injury from the activities involved in this service (the ride) is significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death. Obeying the company guide instructions, safety equipment (GEAR) and personal discipline may reduce the risk; And, the costumer subscribing this agreement assume all such risks, both known and unknown, assuming full responsibility for his participation; And, agrees to comply with stated Terms and Conditions for his participation.

The costumer release of any responsibility to Vertigo Biking Co. and HONEY TOURS & TRAVEL, With Respect to Any and All Injury, Disability, Death Or Loss or Damage To third Person or Property.

13. Lost or damage of equipment & bike
All damages or lost of equipment and bike will be charged to you if it’s caused by negligence or by not obeying the rules provided.
The prices will be shown to you for the charge and they must be paid at the end of the ride.

We reserve the right to use public enforcement to make this payment effective and by signing this agreement you agree with us.

14. Applicable Law
This agreement is subject to Bolivian Laws, and any controversy should be solved in Bolivia, and no other law could be applied.

15. Acceptance of the terms and conditions
The costumer accepts this entire document and its legal value by signing or going ahead with payment on our websites or in any authorized centre, including our own offices.
The English language is used as an International language, so if you don’t understand something, please ask before you sign.